Review Policy

Conferences will commonly seek to publish preliminary research findings rather than a more comprehensive research work that could be considered for publication in a conference proceedings.

The conference articles will go through the standard double-blind peer-review process with competent and qualified reviewers.

Conference papers should offer a major scientific contribution by either proposing a novel approach or undertaking a deep research and unique comparison of existing research material.

Each article was reviewed by three to four reviewers, and the article was recommended if two of them agreed.


A representation of an existing/published author's language, including their research flow/process, data, results/phrasing, and phrasing without citation of the source research article, will be considered an objectionable and unacceptable breach of their professional conduct at the conference. Plagiarism can result in serious legal and ethical consequences for the proposed author.

The total similarity should be less than 20%, and only single sources with less than 5% similarity should be selected for the review process.